Usage of "Interval Capture"

Permission Settings

(Android v6 and later models only)

When you start the app for the first time, will be asked for permission for access to the camera and contacts, please select "ALLOW".

The permissions required to take pictures by camera and access to Google Drive (TM).

Account Settings

The first time you start the app, you will see the dialog to select(or add) Google (TM) account.

Please select or add the account you want to use in the "Interval Capture".
After that, you will be see a screen as the following.

Next startup, will be from this screen.

If you want to use a different account, please re-select by pressing the "SELECT ACCOUNT" button.

Capture Settings

When you press the "CAPTURE SETTINNG" button in the Account Setting screen, you will see the capture setting screen as following.

Screen consists of a camra preview screen and setting icons.

Preview Screen

Camera preview will be displayed on the entire screen.
When you tap the screen, camera's auto-focus works

Camera Setting Menu

Switch the camera to be used by tapping the icon. .
When you tap the icon, such as the following list is displayed, please select the size to capture.。

The items that will be displayed depends on the device.。

When you tap the icon, zoom magnification switchs, as x1, x2, x3...
In addition, you can also change the magnification in a pinch operation on the preview screen.
When you tap the icon, since the list of supported flash modes is displayed.
Then please select you want.

The items that will be displayed depends on the device or camera.

By tapping the icon, you can switch ON / OFF of the shutter sound at the time of shooting.
There are devices that can not switch off shutter sound from the app.
In such a device, you will hear the shutter sound even if it is set to OFF.

Upload setting menu

Tap the icon, and specify the interval time of capturing and upload in minutes.

Tap the icon, and then select a subfolder name on Google Drive (TM).
When you run the "Interval Capture" in a plurality of devices with same account, you can divide the upload destination.

Upload folder path to Google Drive (TM) will be as follows.
My Drive → IntervalCapture → RoomX
Tap the icon, and select the number of days to keep the image of on Google Drive (TM).

During capture execution, the images that are older than the number of days you specify here are cleared automatically.

Other menu

When you tap the icon then the app moves to log screen as following.
You can check the last of the captured image, time in the device, and the success or failure of the each capturing and upload.
When you tap the icon, and go to the detail settings screen.

It displays the amount of communication to upload and the usage of estimates in the Google Drive (TM).
Because only approximate and may differ from the actual value.

Start capture

To start capture, tap this icon
During capture run the screen will change as follows.

Even in this state, setting other than the sub-folder names can be changed.

Confirmation of the images on Google Drive (TM)

After access to the above URL by the browser or Google Drive(TM) application, login with the same account that you are using in "Interval Capture".
My Drive > IntervalCapture > RoomX

It shows the capturing time
YYYY : Year.
MM : Month
DD : Day of month
hh : Hour of day
mm : minute
ss : second

At the top of the captured image, date and time and the remaining battery capacity at the time of capturing will be added.

Stop capture

Stop the capture by tapping the icon in the lower right of the screen during capture run.
In the following cases it will stop automatically.
You can check stop reason in the log.

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