How to use?

How to use

Basic operation

Startup screen(Main screen)

This screen is displayed after the application launch.

START button

Push when you start Workout-Jogging etc -
'Jogging Partner' will start the notification and saving the state of the workout by using the GPS position information.

Information of workout

Information about workout will be displayed.
And workout information will be notified in voice at set time interval(default 1minute).

GPS Status

GPS stats will be displayed

END button

Push this when you end your workout.
Then, the screen will transition to the detailed data screen.

Mute button

It mutes the voice notification in the workout.

Unmute button

It cancels the mute. The voice notification will resume.

Menu button

Menu list will be displayed.


  • Setting
    Display the settings screen。
  • Workout history
    Display the past workout data.
  • Data management
    Display the data management screen.
  • How to use
    Display this screen.
    Display a summary of this application.


Setting screen

Change various settings of this application.

  • Voice setting
    Display the setting screen about voice notification.
  • Target setting
    Display the screen to set the target of time and distance.
  • Display setting
    Display the setting screen about 'display'.
  • Share setting
    Display the setting screen about 'share'.

Voice setting

You can configure the voice notification.

  • Voice notification interval(min.)
    Specify the voice notification interval during workout between 1 to 10 minutes.
  • Volume of voice
    Specify the volume of voice notification.

    * Please note that increasing the volume might damage your hearing when you use the headset.
  • Voice notification items
    Specify the items of voice notification.
    By 'sample playback' button, you can hear the sample of voice notification.

Target setting

Set the target of the workout time and distance

  • Target time
    Specify the workout time in minutes.
  • Target distance
    Specify the distance in kilometers.

Display settinf

Configure settings related to the display.

  • Show opening screen
    Specify whether or not to show the opening screen.


Specify the items of data sharing.

* Please note that there is a risk of identifying the address, etc. to others when you will share startpoint or/and goal point.

Workout histry

Workout history

You can see the past data of workout.

  • Calendar section
    Bright mark the bottom of the numbers shows that the day has workout data.
    When you tap the day with data, detailed data screen will be displayed.
    Day marked with a red circle indicates today.
  • Total
    Display the total of workout time, distance and number of steps which are recorded in Jogging Partner.
  • Monthly counting
    Display the total of workout time distnce and number od steps in each month.
    • Share button

      You can share the data of Total/Monthly Counting.
      * You can not share text data to some apps.

Detailed data

Display the detailed data of each workout.
It will also be displayed at the end of workout.
If there is more than one workout data on the same day it will be switched by swiping the screen.

  • Workout data 
    Diplay the data of workout
  • Memo

    Memo about the workout
    You can edit memo by pressing edit button
  • Track
    Track will be displayed of the workout.
    When you press the play button, trace animation screen is displayed. And you can check the movement during the workout.
  • Records of each interval.
    Time and speed of every 1km will be displayed.

Delete button

Delete the workout data in the display.

Share button

Share workout data in the display.
* You can not share text data to some apps.

Trace animation

Displays the movement of the workout in the animation.

  • Marker
    Triangle...Moved (Direction indicates the direction of travel)
  • Playback control
    You can control play/pause buttons and the slider.

Data management

Data management screen

Manage data of 'Jogging Partner'

  • Data usage
    dDisplay the size of the data that Jogging Partner is using.
  • Delete ALL data
    Delete all of the workout data.
  • Backup data to SD card
    To save a backup of the workout data to the SD card.
    You can migrate data to the new device by this function.

    *Note that the backup file on SD card will be deleted when you will unistall 'Jogging Partner' or clear data of this application in the device settings.
  • Restore data from SD card.
    Restore the workout data from the backup data on the SD card.

Trouble shooting

  • It does not start when you press the 'START' button.
    • Please make sure the GPS function is enabled.

      Make sure that swith is ON.
    • Please check whether the access to the GPS function is permitted.

      au Terminal

      Settings->Lock & Security -> Privacy Settings
      In location tab, confirm that the setting of JogggingPartner is 'Allow'.

      Android v6 subsequent terminal

      Settings->Apps->[GEAR icon]->Apps permissions
      Confirm that the switch is ON at JogggingPartner in Location
    • Move to the outdoors
      'Jogging Partner' may not be able to start when GPS signal is too weak such as indoor, underground or nearby buildings


Producer can not assume responsibility with regard to trouble and loss, damage in the use of this application.
Please check around for the prevention of accidents and injury during a workout will be at your own risk.

In addition, there is a case that data such as the distance and speed which are displayed and notified in this application is differ from actual value due to reception status of the GPS signal and state of the terminal.